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“…I would emphatically and without reservation rank Darlene among our most valuable national treasures; and if one of her students someday were able to invent a cloning machine, I would gladly make a large personal contribution toward having her cloned ten thousand times over, so there could be at least one Darlene Freeman in every school in the country…”

“…Darlene’s understanding of the way young minds work – or can work – or ought to work, combined with a confidence in her own techniques and methods – developed empirically over years of teaching – creates an atmosphere that ought to be the envy of any major think-tank from NASA to the Media Lab at MIT…”

“…One of Darlene’s major insights about classroom psychology (I suppose it’s really an insight about Life, but let’s keep it confined to the subject at hand) seems to be that one doesn’t necessarily have to know exactly where a particularly subject or discussion might lead; and she’s willing to let the kids develop it, guiding them along the way, so that like a sculptor working intuitively with a piece of marble, she’s able to shape her lessons into what might legitimately be called works of art…”

“…The kids’ exposure to Darlene’s personality and natural style –her ability to empathize with the kids while maintaining a serious and stimulating yet supportive and appreciative environment – all this gave my children – and, I suspect, everyone else’s too – an introduction to learning that will remain with them for the rest of their lives...”

“…Darlene has helped our daughter find her spirit and become so open to learning. She has given our daughter so much more than just an after school program; she has let her see a world with no restrictions and nothing but possibilities…”

“…Darlene’s intelligent insight, her sympathetic ear, her great sense of humor and her incredible love and respect for learning have been such a gift!...”

”…The mark of a truly great creative artist is having a unique vision and being able to communicate and share that vision with others. A truly great artist surprises, excites, ignites, takes risks, dares to be bold, is unafraid. Teaching is an art and Darlene is truly a great artist!...”

“…Thanks to Darlene’s wonderfully innovative and witty approaches,
Biting Writing has become the highlight of my child’s week!...”


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